UN Agenda unlawful in TN

They’ve been saying the worlds going to end because of carbon. What we exhale and plants eat. While elites get to fly their jets but we can’t have gas stoves or lawnmowers like NY and CAs infringing policies. It’s another way the government makes money off of people while also disregarding our private property rights, right to move about freely, and individual liberty. To name a few.

This climate agenda is in our city plan. Horizon 2045 - Home | Social Pinpoint

The organization helping guide our city plan is Horizon 2045. https://horizon2045.org/

On their website it says exploring alternative governance. Why? Because they can’t install these liberty infringing collectivist solutions with a constitution in a Constitutional Republic. A few of our legislators understood this and made this agenda unlawful in TN via Public Chapter 479.

But it’s still happening. In Chattanooga as a chosen WEF Smart City.

In JC with our smart poles and UNiCEF child friendly city which is a UN offshoot that shares in their goals. UNICEF mentions that the child friendly city is apart of SDG 11.

The form of government needed to accomplish these plans would have to be a humanist form of government. Where man, not God, is the highest authority. Like socialism. I discuss these things in my post “It’s the Bible Belt, if we can Keep it” https://daniellegoodrich.substack.com/p/the-bible-belt-if-we-can-keep-it?r=1ldt5s&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post

Horizon 2045 created a Horizon 2045 Radar found here. Horizon 2045 | N Square

With a video about it here

I watched this video which is an introduction to their “radar system.” It’s used to look at potential future scenarios around "human and planetary security.”

It’s all very tied in to the now unlawful UN agenda. They focus on environment, climate, forms of governance, politics, health.

The topics mimic the UNs 17 SDGs. THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development

Their “future lab” via the radar came up with a number of potential scenarios. One is “Hot, violent, miserable but not Dead” lol. I wish I was joking. Sounds delightful. Like global warming finally got us.

They are all in on global warming these advisors advising JC commission and planning commission. They are all in on the UNs unlawful goals.

Another scenario is “Planetary Triage” that talks about increased authoritarianism and use of thermal geoengineering to hold down temperatures. These are the folks creating our city plan.

You can read more of my concerns here Liberty Infringing City Plans; Recognizing The 17 SDGs - Tennessee Conservative

I’m not saying we don’t plan for growth. I’m saying we do it within the confines of a Constitution that protects God given-rights. When I expressed these issues to Commissioner Brock she dismissed them. How do we get the city leadership to take these issues seriously?

Thanks for posting. I’m not sure I follow with PC479… is this what you’re referring to?