U.S. Reps. Rose and Ivey Introduce Bill to Combat and Investigate ATM Robbery

Washington, DC—Today, U.S. Reps. John Rose (TN-06) and Glenn Ivey (MD-04) introduced the bipartisan Safe Access to Cash Actto combat crimes against or involving ATMs including – theft, robbery, and assault.

Independent ATMs serve as a lifeline to the underbanked and those lacking access to traditional financial services. I’m proud to introduce this common-sense bill which gives independent ATMs the same federal legal protections under the Bank Robbery Act as other ATMs,” said Rep. Rose.

“ATM entrepreneurs and small convenient stores have experienced hundreds of robberies across the country over the course of the last few years.  These businesses offer an important service to the community. After brick-and-mortar banks leave a community as they have over the last decade,  ATMs in mom-and-pop shops often become the only way many residents can access their VA, social security, social services, and unemployment benefits.  When ATMs are stolen or destroyed, the communities who have little or no credit are affected adversely as they use these machines for a lot of their financial transactions and access to money.  The Safe Access to Cash Act will strengthen enforcement to protect small businesses and individuals and deter these kinds of crimes.  This bipartisan bill is an important step forward in our fight to protect public safety,” said Rep. Ivey.

Bruce Wayne Renard, Executive Director of The National ATM Council, Inc., said, “This proposed law brings the federal bank robbery statute, first enacted in 1934, into the 21st century, by making any attack or assault upon a person using or servicing any ATM—independent or bank-owned—a violation of that federal act, subject to enforcement and prosecution by agents and officers of our federal government. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank and applaud Reps. Ivey and Rose for their efforts to ensure these much needed federal law enforcement protections are in place for cash access—and for those who load, service and use ATMs across America.”


The Safe Access to Cash Act would provide users, servicers, and owners of nonbank ATMs—a majority of the ATMs in the nation—the same federal protections that are provided to bank-owned ATMs. By doing so, it will allow the small businesses which host these ATMs to have the same level of protection as those located in bank branches. This legislation would additionally grant the Federal Bureau of Investigations authority to investigate these crimes and the U.S. Attorney’s Office the authority to prosecute these crimes.

Endorsements: National ATM Council (NAC), National Armored Car Association (NACA), Secured Cash and Transport Association (SCTA).

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