U.S. Rep. Rose Votes to Stop Biden Student Loan Giveaway

Washington, DC—Today, United States Rep. John Rose (R-TN) voted ‘Yes’ on House Joint Resolution 45, which allows Congress to formally revoke President Biden’s Student Loan Debt Cancellation plan under the Congressional Review Act.

Blue collar and hourly workers should not be asked to subsidize the best educated and highest paid workers in our economy,” said Rep. Rose.

U.S. Rep. Rose cosponsored H. J. Res. 45 and delivered the following floor speech in support of the bill’s passage during House Floor debate.

"America is a country built on the idea of freedom. Freedom--to most--means the ability to live and make decisions without unreasonable constraints.  

Freedom does not mean freedom from individual responsibility. Unfortunately, President Biden and those who support his wealthy student loan giveaway scheme have gotten it backwards.

They believe that hardworking, blue-collar Tennesseans should foot the bills for the wealthy. Simply put, this is plain wrong. Because in America, we are free to make decisions on our own, and no one should be responsible for someone else’s personal decisions. By forcing this draconian student loan buyout down the throats of taxpayers, President Biden is hindering our freedom.

That’s why I urge my colleagues to join me in standing on the side of freedom by voting ‘Yes,’ on House Joint Resolution 45."

Watch Rep. Rose’s speech here.

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