U.S. Rep. Rose Votes to Condemn the Chinese Communist Party for Spy Balloon

Washington, DC—Today,

U.S. Rep. John Rose (TN-06) released the following statement:

“Once again, the president displayed the utmost weakness on the world stage,” said Rep. Rose. “Now, Tennesseans are rightfully worried about their safety and whether the president is asleep at the wheel while our adversary surveils our military bases containing nuclear silos. President Biden should have never allowed the Chinese spy balloon to enter American airspace, and the Communist Party of China must answer and be held accountable for their lies and provocation.” 


On Saturday, January 28, a Chinese spy balloon was detected entering U.S. territory near the Aleutian Islands off of Alaska. After entering Canadian airspace, the balloon floated back into U.S. airspace over northern Idaho. The balloon then flew over Montana, near Malmstrom Air Force Base, home to several nuclear missile silos. It was spotted by civilians around 5:30pm on Wednesday, February 1st.

On Thursday, February 2nd, U.S. officials disclosed to the public that the balloon had been flying over the mainland United States. On Friday, February 3rd, the balloon was spotted by civilians as it flew over Kansas and Missouri. China’s Foreign Ministry claimed it was a weather balloon that had strayed from its intended course. Secretary of State Blinken postponed a trip to Beijing hours before he was scheduled to depart. Finally, on Saturday, February 4th, the balloon was shot down off the coast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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