Rep. Rose Urges White House to End Efforts to Forgive Federal Student Loan Debt

WASHINGTON, DC—On Thursday, U.S. Representative John Rose (TN-06) criticized the Biden Administration’s recent efforts to erase student loan debt from select borrowers.

The full remarks, as prepared for delivery, are below:

Mister Speaker, last summer, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled against President Biden’s student loan handout plan, totaling more than $400 billion. The high court determined that taking on that kind of debt must be approved by Congress.

Despite this, we’ve seen the administration abuse whatever regulatory lever it can find, every executive action they can think up, to do it anyway.

Unfortunately, it’s working. In recent months, tens of billions of dollars in borrowed money are no longer due for payment. Let’s be clear. Student loan debt can’t be forgiven. It’s simply being transferred to the American taxpayers, regardless of whether they went to college themselves or if they’ve paid their own debt off.

I urge the White House to end this cycle of adding billions to our debt with the stroke of a pen. We’re already at an unprecedented $34.2 trillion in the hole.

You can watch the speech here.

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