Rep. Ogles Introduces Bill To Federally Ban Chemical Abortions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, September 28th, 2023

CONTACT: Emma Settle (202) 225-4311



WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Andy Ogles (TN-05) introduced the Ending Chemical Abortions Act of 2023, a bill that would federally block the use of chemical abortions in the United States. On Thursday, the Congressman held a press conference with Students for Life Action and anti-abortion activist Kristan Hawkins to highlight the importance of the legislation and to encourage elected leaders from both sides of the aisle to join the effort to restrict the use of dangerous drugs for the purpose of chemical abortions.

Congressman Ogles said, “Chemical abortions not only end a human life but pose a serious risk to the lives of the mothers. The FDA has failed to protect women and unborn children for over 20 years. In 2021, it went even further and eliminated the in-person dispensing requirement. This decision has led to an overwhelming increase in chemical abortion-related ER visits, health complications, and even deaths. It’s a tragedy that the Biden Administration and the FDA would put their radical pro-choice agenda ahead of the health and safety of women and girls across the country. I’m taking a stand against the irresponsibility of the Democrats and working to protect women and girls across America. I’m taking a stand for life because, born or unborn, every single person is uniquely and wonderfully made. It's not merely a political issue; it's a moral duty to uphold the sanctity of life. I am committed to safeguarding the innocent and voiceless in our society.”

“The abortion radicals in the Biden Administration, while claiming to care about the environment, actually allow chemically tainted placenta tissue, blood, and human remains to be flushed into our waterways, where plant, animal, and aquatic life are exposed to what remains. The pills are clearly deadly to the preborn and exceptionally harmful to women. In fact, Students for Life of America & SFLAction have prioritized ending exposure to the killing metabolites in Chemical Abortion pills, which have four times the rate of injury and ten times the death rate of surgical abortions, which are also deadly. Also troubling, during the Clinton, Obama, and now Biden Administration, no FDA or EPA environmental assessments were completed to ensure that dumping human remains was not a hazard to all life. Not even hospitals or brick-and-mortar abortion vendors can get away with that.” - Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life

“Do-it-yourself chemical abortion-by-mail is quickly becoming the abortion industry’s method of choice for targeting the unborn. In this particularly dangerous method of abortion, mothers are often not seen by a doctor; ectopic pregnancies, for which chemical abortion can be deadly to the mother, are not diagnosed, and the age and size of the unborn child are not observed. We are grateful for Rep. Ogles’ work to shed light on this dangerous industry practice. As we work for a culture where the intentional taking of an unborn child’s life is unthinkable, we are glad to support this legislation.” - Quena Gonzalez, Senior Director of Government Affairs at the Family Research Council.

“We applaud Representative Ogles’ leadership on “The Ending Chemical Abortions Act of 2023.”  Chemical abortions fail at an alarming rate, putting women and the unborn child at risk of a second abortion procedure. The Abortion Survivors Network is committed to serving survivors of abortion at any gestational age, along with their mothers, who deserve compassionate prenatal and postpartum care, a delivery plan, and emotional support.  Let us continue to work together to ensure survivors and their families receive the best medical and emotional care possible. We look forward to continuing our work with Congressman Ogles and others who support this bill.” - Melissa Ohden, President and CEO of The Abortion Survivors Network.

Cosponsors [13]: Diana Harshbarger [TN-01], Rep. Jeff Duncan [SC-03], Rep. Randy Weber [TX-14], Rep. Mary Miller [IL-15], Barry Moore [AL-2], Trent Kelly [MS-5], Paul Gosar [AZ-09], Jodey Arrington [TX-19], Dan Crenshaw [TX-02], Andrew Clyde [GA-09], Rick Allen [GA-12], Keith Self [TX-03], Robert Aderholt [AL-4]

Supporting Groups: Students for Life Action, CatholicVote, Family Research Council, Family Policy Alliance, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, Abortion Survivors Network, Heritage Action, Americans United for Life.

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