Rep. Green Statement on 101st Airborne Training Accident


Rep. Green Statement on 101st Airborne Training Accident 

Clarksville, Tenn.,—Today, Rep. Mark Green released the following statement after two Blackhawk helicopters collided in a catastrophic training accident resulting in the death of 9 soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division: 

“Camie and I areheartbroken by the loss of nine 101st Airborne soldiers during an overnight training accident. Fort Campbell is one of the closest-knit communities we’veever been a part of, and we know this loss is being feltheavily. Our prayers are with the families of those we lost. The loved ones left behind need all of our support. These moments serve as a stark reminder that freedom is never without sacrifice. America is grateful for their willingness to serve, and our hearts arebroken that it came with such a high cost.”

“Wealso want to thank all first responders from Trigg, Christian, and Marshall Counties for their swift response. Our hearts ache for these families." 


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