Rep. Green’s Bill Protects Colleges and Universities Against Biden Admin Overreach


Rep. Green’s Bill Protects Colleges and Universities Against Biden Admin Overreach 

WASHINGTON—Today, Rep. Mark Green introduced the No Backdoors for Student Debt Cancellation Act, which prohibits the Secretary of Education from withholding Title IV funds to institutions of higher education that refuse to give diplomas to students with an open balance on their account. This bill comes after the Biden administration issued a proposed rule penalizing colleges and universities that enforce the financial contracts they make with students.  

Green said, “This is the definition of federal overreach. Students voluntarily enter into these contracts with their colleges and universities. Withholding transcripts from students with an open balance is one of the few tools colleges and universities have to ensure students fulfill their obligations. The Biden Department of Education has no right preventing institutions of higher education from enforcing these contracts.” 

He continued “Just like the Biden administration’s disastrous student loan cancellation agenda, this proposed rule wrongly moves the financial responsibility of a degree and puts it on someone else. There is no doubt that this policy will have unintended consequences. If students know that they won’t have to fulfill their financialobligations to colleges and universities, what is to stop them from not paying housing fees or even tuition?”

Green concluded, “In the end, colleges and universities that can’t charge student fees will simply increase the cost of tuition, which President Biden will continue to put on the shoulders of the American people.”

Read the bill text here

Read the exclusive in the Washington Examiner byhere.  


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