Rep. Green Protects Homeland Security from CCP Influence


Rep. Green Protects Homeland Security from CCP Influence

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WASHINGTON—Today, Rep. Mark Green, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, introduced the No CCP Consultants Act. The bill bans the State Department from retaining the services of a consultant or consulting firm that previously engaged in work for an adversarial government.

Green said, “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a direct threat to our national security. Through espionage and extensive intellectual property theft, the CCP and its network of state-sponsored enterprises have been able to steal ouradvanced technologies. Further, Communist China has its hand in our port cranes, our children’s phones through TikTok, land near military installations, our farmland, our supply chain, and the devaluation of the dollar.”

“My bill acts as a safeguard. The State Department handles diplomatic strategy, sensitive material, classified intelligence, and the data of millions of Americans through passports and visas. Any consultant or firm thathas worked for an adversarial government should have a stop sign put in its way when it comes to being retained by the State Department. The stakes are too high. Allowing the CCP or other adversarial government consultants close proximity to the State Department is foolish.”

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