Rep. Diana Harshbarger's First Law Takes Effect

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Last week, U.S Rep. Diana Harshbarger's first bill that was signed into law as part of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2023, H.R. 4363, the DHS Contract Reporting Act, took effect, her office said in a news release.

Harshbarger, a Republican, represents Tennessee's 1st Congressional District, which includes Greene County.

Under this legislation, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is required to publish daily public reports of all covered contract awards over the amount of $4 million. These reports will include information regarding the total cost of the contract, the entity the contract was awarded to, the purpose of the award, and where the contract will be executed.

“For too long, three letter agencies and their bloated budgets have taken advantage of the American Taxpayer,” Harshbarger said.

She said in the news release that the law “brings much needed accountability and transparency” at a time when, she contends in the news release, “our government agencies are being weaponized against us.”

Public records of contracts and transactions awarded by the DHS can be found online at .

Full bill text of H.R. 4363, which took effect on June 20, 2023, can be found at .

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