Rep. Burchett requests investigation into Secretary Blinken and intelligence officials

WASHINGTON, D.C., (June 11, 2024) – Today, U.S. Congressman Tim Burchett (TN-02) wrote a letter to Rep. James ComerChairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, requesting an immediate investigation into Secretary of State Antony Blinken and fifty-one intelligence officials for their role in interfering in the 2020 Presidential election.

“If this isn't election interference, then I don't know what is.” said Rep. Burchett. "We don't give our intelligence community all these taxpayer dollars for them to undermine our democratic process. Getting them in the room would be a start, but what they really need is a litmus test so we can see where their allegiance stands."

On October 19, 2020, right before the 2020 presidential election, fifty-one former senior intelligence officials signed a letter regarding a New York Post story revealing that Hunter Biden's laptop contained emails suggesting that he was attempting to provide Ukrainian energy officials access to meet then-Vice President Joseph R. Biden. Former intelligence officials specifically stated, "emails purportedly belonging to Vice President Biden's son Hunter, much of it relating to his time serving on the Board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, has all the classic earmarks as a Russian information operation."  

The U.S. Department of Justice confirmed the laptop’s legitimacy in United States of America v. Robert Hunter Biden. Additionally, former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell testified then-Biden campaign advisor and current Secretary of State Antony Blinken “played a role in the inception” of the public letter, which suggests the Biden campaign conspired with the intelligence officials to mislead voters about the laptop ahead of the 2020 presidential election.  

The full text of the letter can be found here.  

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