Rep. Burchett announces SOTU guest Shawn Ryan

WASHINGTON, D.C., (March 7, 2024) – Today, U.S. Congressman Tim Burchett (TN-02) announced his guest for President Biden’s State of the Union address will be Shawn Ryan, host of “The Shawn Ryan Show”.

“Shawn has served his country well as a Navy SEAL and a CIA contractor, and now helps veterans and many others share their important stories the mainstream media won’t cover. I’m looking forward to having him here in Washington.” Said Rep. Burchett.

Shawn Ryan is a former Navy SEAL and CIA contractor with 14 years of service spanning multiple combat operations. He now hosts the popular Shawn Ryan Show, a podcast where he sits down with veterans and others to share their stories. He also helps veterans transition from service to civilian life, and has raised over $1 million through crowdfunding to support these causes.

Shawn Ryan appeared on Rep. Burchett’s podcast, Tennessee Talks with Tim Burchett, in October 2023 to discuss his time in the service and his dive into mental health research. You can watch the full episode on YouTube or listen to the podcast on the following streaming services:

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