Ogles Introduces Bill To Stop Forced Abortions

WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Andy Ogles (TN-05) introduced the Preventing Forced Abortions Act of 2024, which would prohibit federal courts from enforcing any part of a surrogacy contract that requires a surrogate mother to get an abortion. It would also prevent an intended parent from refusing to pay the surrogate mother any agreed compensation if she refuses to get an abortion at their request.

“No woman should ever be forced to have an abortion. My legislation would protect women from this trauma by prohibiting federal courts from enforcing any clause in a surrogacy contract that requires a woman to get an abortion if she does not want to. It is barbaric that there are laws on the books in some states that go so far as to require surrogate mothers to have abortions against their will. Abortions are dangerous, and forced abortions are traumatizing to the mental and physical health of women. It is not only pro-life but pro-woman to stop forced abortions.” – Congressman Andy Ogles

“National Right to Life commends Congressman Andy Ogles for his work on the Preventing Forced Abortions Act of 2024. Surrogacy contracts in many states are permitted to include clauses that financially pressure or even require the surrogate mother to get an abortion at the request of the intended parent. The Preventing Forced Abortions Act of 2024 would put an end to this practice. No woman, regardless of the circumstances, should ever be coerced into an abortion.” – Carol Tobias, President of National Right to Life

“It is clear the ‘pro-choice’ movement is not truly ‘pro-choice,’ but pro-abortion. It is deeply disturbing to hear the stories that have arisen in states like California where women who have agreed to carry another family's child have been forced against their will to abort that child when the parents decide they no longer are interested. The Pro-life Generation has and will continue to work hard to protect vulnerable women who are targets of the abortion industry. And we will fight for those who are standing up for a precious life in their womb." Students for Life Action supports the Preventing Forced Abortion Act of 2024 and is grateful to Congressman Ogles for all his advocacy on the life issue.” – Students for Life Action

“Women and children are not for sale. Once a child is conceived, that human life has rights, and no contract or business deal should ever dictate when a life is ended. While it is unconscionable that this issue is even up for debate, Heritage Action commends Rep. Ogles for leading the charge to protect the lives of unborn babies and their surrogate moms. The Preventing Forced Abortions Act promotes a culture of life and ensures women who want to bring life into the world aren’t forced to take it away.” – Janae Stracke, Vice President of Outreach and Advocacy at Heritage Action 

"No woman should ever be forced to get an abortion. Children are not a commodity to be disposed of just because the prospective parents change their minds, or because the child isn't exactly what they wanted," said Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, the nation's largest public policy women's organization. "Rep. Ogles' bill will protect women and the lives they carry from manipulative surrogacy contracts."

“Women should never be forced or coerced into having an abortion. Studies show that pressure to undergo an abortion is associated with poorer mental health and emotional outcomes for women. We applaud Rep. Ogles for introducing the Preventing Forced Abortions Act of 2024 to protect women in surrogacy arrangements and their babies. Abortion coercion is wrong and this ought to be an area of bipartisan agreement.” – Hon. Marilyn Musgrave, Vice President of Government Affairs, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America

Cosponsors (12): Reps. Paul Gosar [AZ-09], Greg Pence [IN-06], Keith Self [TX-03], Andy Biggs [AZ-05], Mary Miller [IL-15], Gary Palmer [AL-06], Jeff Duncan [SC-03], Doug Lamborn [CO-05], Greg Steube [FL-17], Barry Moore [AL-02], Alex Mooney [WV-02], Lauren Boebert [CO-03].

Supporting Groups (11): Heritage Action, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, CatholicVote, National Right to Life Committee, Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, Americans United For Life, Family Policy Alliance, Students For Life Action, March for Life, Ethics & Public Policy Center's HHS Accountability Project


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