Harshbarger Staff Delivers Books to Bulls Gap School

The staff of U.S. Rep. Diana Harshbarger visited Bulls Gap School on Friday to deliver donated books from the Library of Congress and learn about the school’s “Free Little Library” and “Reading Buddies” program on behalf of Harshbarger, according to a news release.

“The U.S. Library of Congress Surplus Books Program is a blessing for schools throughout East Tennessee, including Bulls Gap School, who signed up to receive surplus books through my office’s partnership. Bulls Gap School’s ‘Free Little Library’ and ‘Reading Buddies’ initiatives are just two examples of unique and innovating programs offered by Bulls Gap that these books will help support,” Harshbarger said

“I recognize the dedicated effort from Bulls Gap’s teachers and faculty to equip our next generation with the best educational resources available. I also appreciate School Librarian Kristy Riley’s commitment to fill every single shelf with books to help return excitement back to reading through a vast option of age-appropriate reading materials,” she said.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Bulls Gap School’s “Reading Buddies” meet prior to the beginning of the school day, where middle school “mentors” read with elementary school students to assist increasing their literacy and reading comprehension levels through ‘outside the classroom’ efforts.

Located in the main lobby of Bulls Gap School, the “Free Little Library” is a resource for both students and their parents who seek to promote a love for reading outside of school hours.

Harshbarger’s office has delivered thousands of books throughout East Tennessee, fulfilling requests from libraries, schools, nonprofits, and qualifying early childhood and senior centers, according to the news release.

Eligibility requirements include one of the following:

  • Full-time, tax supported or nonprofit educational institution: school, school system, library, childcare or early learning center, college, university, or museum as a few examples.
  • Agency of local, state, or federal government.

For more information or to sign up an organization, visit https://harshbarger.house.gov/book-surplus .

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