Harshbarger Announces 2024 Congressional Art Competition

Representative Diana Harshbarger released the details of the 2024 Congressional Art Competition last week.

The Congressional Art Competition is an opportunity for high school students residing in Tennessee’s First Congressional District to have their artwork displayed in the U.S. Capitol on exhibit for one year. The exhibit will include the winning artwork from all participating Congressional Districts across the country.

“I am thrilled to announce that registration for the 2024 Congressional Art Competition is now open, and the talent and creativity of East Tennessee students will soon be showcased in our nation’s Capitol,” said Congresswoman Harshbarger. “With more than 60 entries from schools across Tennessee’s First District last year, I look forward to even more schools taking part in this year’s contest!”

A team of local judges will be evaluating our district’s entries. The deadline to register and submit artwork for the competition is Thursday, April 25 at 3 p.m.

Artwork entered in the contest may be up to 26 inches by 26 inches, may be up to 4 inches in-depth, and not weigh more than 15 pounds. If your artwork is selected as the winning piece, it will be framed by our office and must still measure no larger than the above maximum dimensions.

  • Paintings — including oil, acrylics, and watercolor
  • Drawings — including pastels, colored pencil, pencil, charcoal, ink, and markers (It is recommended that charcoal and pastel drawings be fixed.)
  • Collages — must be two dimensional
  • Prints — including lithographs, silkscreen, and block prints
  • Mixed Media — use of more than two mediums such as pencil, ink, watercolor, etc.
  • Computer-generated art
  • Photography

All entries must be original in concept, design and execution and may not violate any U.S. copyright laws. Any entry that has been copied from an existing photo or image (including a painting, graphic, or advertisement) that was created by someone other than the student is a violation of the competition rules and will not be accepted. Work entered must be in the original medium (that is, not a scanned reproduction of a painting or drawing).

Interested students must pre-register at the following website: https://harshbarger.house.gov/services/art-competition

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