EXCLUSIVE: Republicans Seek to Prevent Joe Biden from Importing Palestinians to the U.S

By John Binder

Reps. Andy Ogles (R-TN), Tom Tiffany (R-WI), and Scott Perry (R-PA), as well as dozens of Senate Republicans, are moving to prevent President Joe Biden from resettling Palestinians in American communities.

In a letter to House Appropriators, Ogles, Tiffany, and Perry ask that a provision be included in the Fiscal Year 2025 spending bill that prohibits expenditures “of any funds to issue a visa or grant parole to any alien holding a passport issued by the Palestinian Authority.”

The House Republicans write:

Whatever fanciful leftist notion to the contrary, the United States of America cannot be expected to absorb the rest of the world’s problems. It would make much more sense for states in the region to take in those in need. If the administration is indeed working in concert with our allies in the region to pave the way for peace, that should come with the expectation that those allies are working in good faith to “do their part.” [Emphasis added]

Their letter comes as the Biden administration reportedly considers using the federal government’s refugee resettlement program to bring Palestinians to the United States. Last November, House and Senate Democrats circulated a similar plan.

“Mindlessly allowing hundreds of thousands of unvetted Palestinian aliens into our nation is an unacceptable threat to national security,” Ogles told Breitbart News. “The vast majority of Palestinian Arabs continue to support Hamas’ butchery on October 7 and hate our American way of life.”

Tiffany told Breitbart News, “It isn’t America’s responsibility, or in America’s best interest, to let Joe Biden continue treating our country as a dumping ground for the rest of the world’s problems,” and suggested Palestinians be resettled “in other countries in the region, not here.” 

Meanwhile, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) is among 35 Senate Republicans asking Biden to provide specifics about his Palestinian refugee resettlement program, including the number the administration is looking to import.

The Senators write to Biden:

Your administration’s reported plan to accept Gazan refugees poses a national security risk to the United States. With more than a third of Gazans supporting the Hamas militants, we are not confident that your administration can adequately vet this high-risk population for terrorist ties and sympathies before admitting them into the United States. [Emphasis added]

Last year, Ogles and Tiffany introduced the “GAZA Act” which would ban the Biden administration from issuing visas to Palestinians.



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