Congresswoman Harshbarger Visits the Veterans Center of East Tennessee

ROGERSVILLE — Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger visited the Veterans Center of East Tennessee in Rogersville to learn more about what they do.

The Veterans Center of East Tennessee was established approximately 18 months ago to provide services to veterans in the area.

While at the center, Harshbarger spoke to the veterans, received a facility tour and learned about the services they provide.

The Veterans Center of East Tennessee has a gym, game room, leather working and craft shop, a computer room and a recovery program. They also offer digital skills training, a wife’s support program and medical appointment transportation.

The veterans center also participates in the monthly Second Harvest Veterans Food Distribution at The Shepherd’s Center.

Many participants volunteer their time to give back to other vets.

The center director spoke to Harshbarger about government grants the center could apply for. The congresswoman promised to research anything that could help the center.

Harshbarger also learned of the Hometown Heroes, a motorcycle club for combat veterans, many of whom are a part of the veteran’s center.

Harshbarger said that was a perfect name for this type of group.

“After her visit, Harshbarger could genuinely say she met some of those heroes,” stated a press release, “and felt that it would be a very appropriate name for these veterans and wives who are providing these services for veterans in our community.”

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